Thursday, July 30, 2015

England Travel Diary #8 - Bath

Hello beautiful people,
today I went to Bath, which is a really beautiful old town. (Maybe it was even better because the weather was extremely good, but it would have been great anyways.)We didn't actually went to see the Roman Baths from the inside since it was pretty expensive, but we looked at them from the outside. They were really gorgeous and fitted well into the style of the city. One thing we noticed that there were musicians everywhere. There are a few places were there was alwys one at a time. And after some time they changed their places which seemed to be organized really well.

Right now I actually realize that we didn't do that much in Bath, but my mum and I went shopping for the first time here, so that costed us much time. We weren't just in the shops the whole time though but we also just walked through the streets looking at the buildings above the shops.

All in all we didn't really do that much in Bath or take that many photos, but I still wanted to give you everthing I had for a last little post. So this is it for my travel diary then.
I had a really nice time in England and I hope to come here again some time. The people here are lovely and very polite and I like the landscape very much. All of the towns and villages we visited were beautiful and there were wonderful cathedrals in almost every city. I really don't have anything negative I can say about England or the trip itself.

I hope you liked the diary (even though I wasn't abled to actually post everyday). Next month I will be there with new posts, which will probably be a bit more ambitious since I got some great ideas (that's at least my opinion).

I will talk to you soon,

Norina xx

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