Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Does our age really indicate how mature we are

Hello beautiful people,

wow, it feels really good to be back. After posting as often as possible on my vacation it was very weird to not write something in about four days. But in these four days something very exciting happened. (Okay, I'm totally exaggerating here, it wasn't really exciting.) It was my BIRTHDAY, yey. 

Well yeah it was my birthday and I had a really nice day with my family. But this also made me think about age. No, this won't be a post about how I don't want to get older or anything. This will be a post about age in a different way. I want to discuss how much your age really matter. So here's what I thought about:

Since we were young our birthdays were celebrated every year. Personally when I was younger I loved my birthdays, but now they are mostly just days, where I'm busy to prepare everything for the party in the evening. Anyways, our age always mattered. When we got three, we were old enough to go to Kindergarten and when we got six, we were finally old enough to go to school. These are just two examples of things you can only do when you are old enough. 

But does our age really indicate how mature we are. 

This is what has bothered me in the past few days. On paper I'm a year older now but I didn't really change that much in just a day. The day before my birthday I was technically just a day younger. So in Germany you can buy any alcohol when you are eighteen, but the day before you can't. Let me tell you a secret: You as well as your body probably won't change that much in a single day. Also every eighteen-year-old is different, some won't be able to control themselves while drinking and others will.  

I also don't think you can really say that you've experienced more because you are older. There are people that are 40 and haven't experienced anything like love or loss. And then there are people that are 20 happily married and lost their parents when they were a child. These experiences make us stronger and most of the time more mature. 

A person that has experienced more is mostly more mature.  

I like to imagine this as an inner age. I doesn't count in numbers, but it indicates how mature you behave, talk and feel. This age doesn't rely on how old you are. And this is, in my opinion, your real age. It can't say how old you are, but how experienced and mature. I honestly don't know if any of that makes sense to you.

In the end I think that your age is good for law, since it is some kind of clue on how mature you are and how much you are allowed to do. But other than for the law I personally don't see that much meaning in age. How old you are and your inner age are almost completely independent from one another.

Well, now you either agree with me or you think: Wow, what is going on in that girls mind. But this is just what was really bothering me the last days.

I would really love to hear about you opinion on that topic in the comments and if you dis-/agree with me. 

I will talk to you soon,

Norina xx 

P.S.: I hope you understand where I am going with this post. Truth to be told, I could've written a whole essay about it, giving you examples of relationships with an age gap and much more, but I think it's better to stop before I write to much. If you want to say something about that though, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Great post! Age is just a number, I say that because I am now in full blown middle age ha! Good food for thought!

    Love the pics on your blog! Just curious what site did you use to create your signature, Ugg I am not so techy and having probs with that! Thx...


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    1. Thank you for all your nice words. I'm actually not that good with this stuff too, so I just used paint (This really old program on windows, don't know if it's also available on apple products) That was just the easiest way for me :)