Saturday, July 25, 2015

England Travel Diary #6 - Dartmoor, Exeter - Things I've noticed in Britain so far

Hello beautiful people,
first of all I want to apologize that I didn't upload anything yesterday. On the one hand there wasn't anything to write about since we were spent the whole time in our car, and on the other hand I was really exhausted beause of the last day and I went straight to bed as we reached our hotel. So I'm truly sorry.

Anyways; today we did one of our daytrips again. We are staying in a hotel in Exeter where we also went on a walk in the evening, but until noon we've been in the moor. The host from our last stay has marked some places we should go to and so we made our way to those stops. If you want to visit the Dartmoor though I'd advice you to search for the places on your own. We just followed a big street all through the moor and did some stops here and there. It's been absolutley amazing and we love just sitting in the nature enjoying our view. There were cows, sheeps and horses in the landscape as well as on the street. If you love the nature as much as I do then I would definatly plan a daytrip to the Dartmoor. It is really worth it.

Our longest stop was in Postbridge. They had some kind of event there but we didn't really know what. We took our sandwiches that we had bought in Moretonhampstead before, which was a small town where we also stopped. Anyways, we sat down at the really pretty bridge and ate our sandwiches and it was so great to just sit there with the great view.

We also went to Princetown for a little bit since we heard the story about the prison there. We thought it would be very interesting to visit the prison and so we went there. What we didn't know though was that the museum itself was really small and that they still had a real prison there. So mum and I rung that bell and went through a door into the prison asking for the museum. But that man at the counter told us that we were in the proper prison and not in the museum. Oops! Well after the incident we found the real museum. It didn't look that interesting though so we didn't actually visit it.

In the evening we had a little walk through Exeter. I like the old look of the town but there was just this big street with many shops and full of people, so that we soon decided to have some takeaway and eat it at the cathedral. I personally think that was probably the best decision and also the cheapest.
Afterwards we went to The Quay and had some drinks at the waterfront. That was a great end for our evening.

That was everything we did today. I want to talk to you about something else though and that is things that we noticed in the UK. Maybe the british people here have some answers for me.
The first thing is that the cars have a yellow number plate at the back and a white one in the front. Why's that? I've never seen such a thing before. In Germany we just have white number plates at the front as well as the back. I don't know why you need the yellow one. Maybe you do.
The second thing though has to do with bathrooms. So at many sinks there are two taps. One is for cold and the other one for hot water. If you turn on both the jets don't meet though. How are you supposed to wash your hand with warm water then? The hot water is to hand and I would burn my hand. Okay, maybe that's exaggerating, but it's really hot though.
Like I said these are two of the things I've noticed in Britain so far.

Okay, that is it for today. I'm hoping to get some answers from you and I also hop you enjoyed reading.

I'll talk to you soon,

Norina xx

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