Tuesday, July 21, 2015

England Travel Diary #2 - Brighton

Hello beautiful people,
since I've wanted to go to Brighton for a very long time now and we are have a flat in Hastings for two nights, I convinced my family on going there.

I woke up at about 8 o'clock since my room is on the sunny side and the curtains are made from a very transparent fabric. On the one hand I was a little grumpy because I could have slept about an hour longer until my alarm would have gone off. On the other hand though it was nice becaue I like waking up to the sun shining in my face and there are much worse ways to wake up.
Right after we had our breakfast we got in the car and started our way to Brighton.

If you think about going to Brighton by car then here's what we found in our guide book:
Park at the 'park and ride' at the Withdean Sports Complex and take the bus from the, it's number 27, I think. This bus will take you directly to Brighton and you don't have to worry about driving in a crowded town or finding a parking lot. That tip saved us plenty of time and also stress because I know how fast we can get bothered by driving in crowded cities.

Brighton itself was just as pretty as I had imagined it. Okay, truth to be told, it was even better than I had imagined. I couldn't stop smiling the whole day because I was so happy to be there.
First we went to the Brighon Pier, just because our bus stop was right next to it. There was music playing everywhere and so many people. We only had a little walk on the pier since we had other stuff on out to do list.

After a little time of walking into the wrong directions we finally found the Royal Pavillon. This is definatly a must-see. Even though we didn't go inside we had a great time in the park around it and also had a little picnic there, just enjoying the sun. And that was probably one of the best things today: It was warm and the sun was shining. That made everything much better.

As the time went by we had finished our little lunch in the park and went to the lanes. I was told by Rachel that the lanes are one of the places you should visit in Brighton and she was so right. So thank you for that tip.
The lanes is a part of Brighton with many old, little buildings. There are very cute shops and you can see something new, pretty or funny everywhere. I can't even expalin it really, but if you go to Brighton you should definatly go there and if you been there you prabably know what I mean.

For the end of our daytrip we went along the beach. There were musicians, bars and children playing at the beach. This wrapped up our perfect day in Brighton and I'm stil really happy that I've been there.

I hope to hear about you experiences in Brighton and will talk to you soon,

Norina xx


  1. I am so sorry that I have only just seen this! Thank you for mentioning me it means a lot! I hope you had a brilliant day!
    Rachel xxx

    1. Haha no problem! I've had an amazing day in Brighton, it honestly couldn't have been better :)

      Norina xx