Wednesday, July 22, 2015

England Travel Diary #3 - Portsmouth, Bransgore

Hello beautiful people,
today's blogpost will be a little shorter since we were mostly just driving to our new flat. On our trip we have 5 stops and we'll stay at each of them for two or three nights. Today's stop is Bransgore, a little town in New Forest near Bournemouth. Since we had a long time of driving ahead of us we decided to have a stop at Portsmouth.

In Portsmouth we just parked our car in a little car park directly at the historic dockyard. And that was also pretty much the only thing we visited. If you only want to walk around the area it is free, but if you actually want to go on deck of the ships it costs money. Since we didn't want to spend that much money we thought we should just have a walk atound. It was really interesting to see the old ships and to read a little about them. There wasn't that much elde to do though so that we decided to have a drink and some cake and just sit at the port fo a little while.

We still had about an hour of driving left before finally arriving at our flat, we decided to continue our trip and get to Bransgore in time. The place we are staying at is really nice. It is another place booked over at AirBnB and the man who owns this place was really polite and told us about all the things we could do here and where they have the best food and beer. For sure we went to the restaurant he recommended to us and even though it was a bit pricey all of us were satisfied. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the restaurant is The Three Tuns Inn and if you click on the name you will be directly leaded to their page. I can say that this was the perfect ending for our third day in England.

Sorry for this short post but I think tomorrows post may be a little longer again since we will be visiting Stonehenge. So be excited for tomorrow.

I will talk to you then,

Norina xx

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