Monday, July 20, 2015

England Travel Diary #1 - Canterbury, Hastings

Hello beautiful people,
so after a very very long day I finally found the time to blog about today. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will probably know that I'm currently in England with my parents. We are doing a trip all around the south of England. This gave me the idea of doing a diary about our jouney. First of all this is a diary for me so that I can see what, where and when we saw or did something. But this is diary is also for you. If you like I'd like to take you with us on our trip through England and tell you about everything that happened to me. Maybe these posts will give you some inspiration or you just want to see some pictures of England. Whatever it is that kept you reading until this line, I really hope you enjoy this posts.

3 o'clock.... Yep, that's the time I had to wake up this morning. I know not that awesome, right. But the thing is that we had to leave our house at about 4 o'clock in order to get to the port at the right time. Since there were some problems in Calais, where we had originally booked our trip, we had to drive to Dunkirk and see which ferry we could take. Gladly, we were able to get on the next ferry so that we were in Dover at about 12 o'clock. (Okay,so I just realized that I was in different time zones. The 3 o'clock was German time and the 12 o'clock in England.)

After our arrival we first drove to Canterbury. I've been to this town once before but only for a few hours, so that I had begged my parents to go there with me.
Actually we didn't do any (real) sightseeing there. We walked a little in the centre and looked at some of the shops aand old buildings. Even though we were just walking and looking, I really enjoyed it. The town centre is really pretty and all the buildings are so old and beautiful. (Maybe you should know that I really love looking at different houses and especially old buildings interest me very much.)

The place we are staying at for the next two nights is in Hastings so that we drove there afterwards. We booked the flat over at airbnb so if you want me to write a more detailed post about ou experience with this then make sure to leave a comment. Also if you have ever traveled via airbnb or you are a member. This post is not sponsored though, this is just new for me and I'm excited to hear about you experiences.

Even though Hastings wasn't my first choice I really like it here. We kinda live on top of a hill and I can see the oceans from my window. What else do you want, I mean I love England and I love being at the ocean and now I got both thing combined. After taking a little nap we went down the hill into the old city right at the ocean. Even though it began to rain a little and was kind of cold we decided to go on a little walk before deciding where to eat. Everything here is so small and I think the flat we are in is the maybe the smallest one I've ever been in. But I like that and I don't think it is bad in any way.

Today hasn't been very eventful, so I didn't have many things to write about. Hopefully tomorrow we will do and see some more exciting things. Even though this post could have been longer I really hope you enjoyed reading it and that you now kind of know what my day looks like.

Tommorow I will hopefully upload a post about Brighton and also some more things about Hastings. I hope that you'll come back tomorow and that I didn't bore you.

I'll talk to you soon,

Norina xx

P.S.: I took all those photos myself so please don't use them and if you want to then message me.

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