Thursday, July 23, 2015

Endland Travel Diary #4 - New Forest, Stonehenge

Hello beautiful people,
so today's post will contain many pictures of horses. If you read on you will know why.

Bransgore lays in New Forest and so we had to go on a walk and actually see some landscape. Our original plan was to go to Bournemouth in the morning, but since our host told us about a nice walk we could take here we abandoned our old plan and drove to the place he told us about.

Right when we got there, there were horses and cows on the fields right next to the street. What was special though was that there was no fence to keep them away from us. Directly after parking the car I had to run to the horses and stroke them. Don't say I'm weird because I know for a fact that most of you would definatly have done the same.

After some time we decided that we should finally start our walk and should stop taking photos with the horses, so sadly I had to say goodbye to them. The walk was really prety. We walked through the forest and also through the heathland. One time we took a wrong path and ended in the woods. It wasn't that bad though since we got to see a little deer that was just standing there doing nothing. Unfortunatly though my camera decided to focus on the bushes instead of the deer and I only got that one photo since the deer ran away right after I took it.

As the walk came to an end we saw even more horses and I got into this mood again. You know, running to every horse, trying to stroke and talk to it. Okay, this sounds kind of weird but you'll probably know what I mean.

In the noon we drove to Salisbury, which is a gorgeous town with a wonderful cathedral. The entrance to the cathedral was actually free, but you have the chance to donate something. Also this year are a some really cool things to see there since it is the 800 year aniversary of the Magna Carta, which many o you probably hear of in history class. As you already got to know in my last post I really love old buildings so visiting this medievil town was just right for me.

Okay, so before this post gets to long I'll tell you about the last thing we did today. We visited Stongehenge. Yey! So the ones of you who've already been there will probably understand why I'm not that enthusiastic about it. Honestly, it was cool to see something that you've seen on so many pictures before in real life. But you weren't allowed to go near to the stones and had to keep your distance. Also the tickets were quite pricey. Even though it wasn't as great as I thought it'd be, it was an experience I don't want to miss and I think if you have the chance to go, you should definatly go see it.

Don't be shy and let me know about your experiences.
I'll talk to you soon,

Norina xx

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