Friday, March 6, 2015

Life as a vegetarian (1)

Hello everyone,
by reading the title I think many people are a little confused because they have never heard of the word pescetarianism. Let me give you some information about it.
First of all I think many of you know what a vegetarian is. It is when you don't eat any meat or fish or just in general: animals.
Also very popular is veganism. This is when you don't eat anything coming from an animal, wether it is milk or eggs. Some of them don't wear leather or stuff like that.
There are many differeces between the groups and as I would say there is also some kind of pre-stage before the vegetarians. This is pescetarianism. And that is what I am. (Or what I'm trying to be)

For a very long time now I have wanted to be a vegetarian. I didn't like how the animals were killed for us just so we could eat them. My parents didn't like it either and we decided that we would only meat where we knew the animals had a relativly good life and hadn't been held with many others in a small cage.
A few years ago my mum became a pescetarian out of some private reasons. Me and my dad were eating less meat and I thought this would be a good compromise. But even though I was only eating meat about two times a month I didn't feel like it was enough.
When I was much younger I had promised myself that I could eat beef, chicken and pork because I had always eaten it but I never wanted to eat any other meat wether it was veal, roast duck or simply anything else.
At the end of last November my mum and I went to a takeaway and wanted to buy Döner (the germans of you probably know it) But then the cashier asked wether I wanted it with chicken or with veal. I was extremely confused because I knew I never ate my Döner with chicken but I simply couldn't believe I had eaten veal all the time...
This evening I told my parents I wanted to be a pescetarian. It is not that I love fish or anything. But I heard about many people that got problems because they didn't eat fish and weren't able to get the nutrients from the other stuff they ate.
Actually that Döner wasn't the last time I ate meat because the next day I went out with some friends and ate chicken simply because I forgot about the pescetarian thing in that moment.

I am proud to say that I haven't eaten any animals beside fish until now and I for sure don't want to start again any time soon.

So what are your experiences?
Have you ever tried to live without meat?
Are you a vegetarian, pescetarian or whatever?

I really hope I made you think about what you eat. Give this a like if you want to read more about vegetarianism or pescetarianism. I was also planning on uploading some healthy no meat recipies.

Looking forward to discussing this topic with you in the comments,

Norina xx


  1. I'm not a full-fledged vegetarian but I'm also not a fan of meats. I prefer the healthy option. :) More posts about this please. :)

    1. Yes I've always ate very healthy too and I'm glad you want to read more posts about this :)

  2. I want to become a vegetarian, but a lot of the food my parents cook in the house revolves around meat and they aren't too happy about my idea.... but being vegetarian does lead to a healthy lifestyle!

    xoxo Morning

    1. It's sad that your parents don't support your idea. Maybe you can tlak to them about trying to live without meat for some time, like two weeks or so. At the moment many people are fasting (where I live) maybe you can convince them to just try something new.
      I mean living healthier is a good argument. But don't eat ice cream all the time just because it is withut meat ;)
      I really hope you can find a compromise with your parents.