Monday, March 23, 2015

Do more of what makes you happy (2)

Hello you beautiful people,
as I mentioned in my first post of this row I want to post about what makes different people happy once a month. Today I will write down the list I got from my mum, after I had asked her to list down the top 10 things that make her happy. I hope you enjoy reading. Talk to you at the end of this post.

1. Health - It makes me happy that my family is healthy

2. Flowers - Flowers make me happy. It makes me happy to buy new flowers on a friday morning, put them in a vase and then on the table. Whenever I buy flowers I simlply feel happy.

3. When you (and by this she ment me) play guitar and sing - For me this is a sign that you are happy and this makes me happy. I don't know it brings some kind of harmony into our house like everything is just right at that moment.

4. Sunshine - When I wake up and the sun is shining I am already happy.

5. Going Nordic Walking - You hear the birds sing and feel the sun shining.

6. A great song on the radio - I love singing along with the radio especially when one of my favourite songs is playing.

7. Cooking together

8. Talks after the meal - I like when we sit around the table after dinner and talk about random things.

9. Doing things myself - I like things like crafting, sewing anything like that. A few weeks ago I painted a bedside table and I was very proud about the outcome.

10. When the plants in the garden start to grow - obviously I like nature and flowers so it makes me very happy when the flowers in my garden start to grow and I can see them everyday.

I post this lists every month and I would love to get you involved in it.
So if you want me to publish ten things that make you happy or that make you smile then send me an E-mail:

I really hoped you like this post.
I will talk to you next week

Norina xx


  1. Songs on the radio do not ever fail to energize me. I dance crazily to the songs-- sometimes, my friends think I'm weird, but it's a good kind of weird.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Toatally. It's never bad to have fun and dance around when the right song is playing.

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