Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bullying (1)

Hey boys and girls,
I am so so sorry I hadn't had time to write and this post is so late. I had so much schoolwork to do, which was very important. I hope this post is ok for you and I also really hope that I will have time to post another blogpost this week (probably Friday or something).

Today I wanted to talk about a very serious topic (most of the topics on this blog are serious but whatever). As you can see by the title I want to talk about the big problem of bullying.

I know that many people get bullied wether it hurts them or the don't realize it.
But most of the people are hurt by their bullies wether it's mentally or physically.It doesn't matter how people bully others bur they have to realize that it is wrong.

Many of you prrobably know how if feels when others like to show off their hate towards you. When this happened to me I was extremely sad because I never thought someone could be this mean. I was deeply hurt, especially because this person acted like a friend before. Before the bullying I was very open and there was no sign of me being shy. But while I got bullied I started to become more careful and only talked to a few people I thought I could really trust. I think this is what really helped me. Even though I got bullied by these three girls I had some friends that were always by my side. There have also been my parents who realized that something was wrong.
I can happily say that the girls realized that they crossed the borders and they stopped bullying me. Nevertheless they never stopped hating me.

I was never hurt physically but people that have known me for a long time actually see how I changed.

This is my experience with bullying. This time was a really important part of my life so I want to do a series about bullying.
Hopefully we can all agree that this world sometimes just needs a little more love. When can we finally realize that it doesn't matter if you are from another country, homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, tall, skinny, short or you have a little more weight.
Why do these things matter so much in todays society?

Guys, I really hope you liked to read my story about bullying and that you want to read more about this topic.

I will hopefully have time to upload something very soon,

Norina xx

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  1. Really good post girls are almost worse to be bullied by happy your OK now. Even though it was a long time ago I was bullied for a little while I still get really sad when I think about it but then I think and I remember I became friends with the bullies after