Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I tried out... YOGA beautiful people,
I'm one of those persons who loves to try out new thing and to be adventurous. It's amazing that there are so many things for all of us to try out and whenever we get tired of doing something we can just check out other thing or activities. This inspired me to create a new series on this blog, which will be called "I tried out...". I want to try out many different things and I do already have some in mind. This first post will be about me trying out Yoga and since I think this series is mostly self-explanatory I won't talk anymore and start with telling you about my Yoga experience.

To be completely honest with you, I don't know if I would've tried Yoga if I didn't know someone going to a Yoga center. This year, when that person told me about starting Yoga again, after having a break for one year, I got really excited and asked if I could come with her.
I always found Yoga interesting. It's not just the sports, it is a lifestyle and as I'm always interested in learning about different cultures and lifestyles, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
For sure I was allowed to come and so I went to my first Yoga lesson a few weeks ago.

As we got there everyone was really nice even though we didn't know anybody. We still had a few minutes left before the real lesson would start, so we all drank some tea and talked about whatever topic came up. So even before the original class started I kind of already fell in love with it.
Afterwards we had to take some mats, pillows and blankets and we got started. In the beginning we did a relaxation, where we had to lay on our mats with our blankets and just let everything go. It was really good, since I just started school and this was a way for me to let go of all the stress. But I also have to say that those relaxations are a little hard in the beginning. You really have to concentrate on yourself so you can forget everything and that isn't as easy as it may sound. There were so many thoughts in my head that I couldn't get rid of. (Now that I've already been to three yoga lessons, I can say that it gets easier every time).

After relaxing we got started with the Asanas and the breathing. It was amazing what some of the people were able to do. But I also have to add that I didn't go to the beginners' class since I was told that the advanced classes aren't that hard and I already had some practice from my dancing. And I have to say that this probably really helped me. Some of the Asanas were hard to hold, but if you have enough strengh and enough will you can totally do it. The breathing was something new for me. Basically we just had to breathe through our nose quickly while moving our bellies at the same time. Ok, I know I'm not really good at describing. So you naturally "move" your belly while you breathe and we just did a more intesive version of that.

At the end of the yoga session we were all very relaxed and I couldn't wait for the next time. Then the next day came and I felt my muscles aching. It wasn't that bad, but I definitely noticed that I worked out the day before. I would've never thought that some Asanas and some breathing could give me a muscle ache.

All in all I can really recommend Yoga to anyone who wants to find a new sport or a new lifestyle. I'll definitely continue doing it and I'll share my results.
(Funny fact: The person who writes next months "Do more of what makes you happy" is actually a Yogi, so get excited for that)

I really hope you enjoyed reading out about my Yoga experience. Maybe you can suggest some things for me to try out in the comments. Be creative and tell me whatever you'd like to read about. And tell me if you've tried out Yoga before.

I will talk to you soon,

Norina xx


  1. I love yoga although I haven't done it in quite a while now, if you're looking for something else to try out I'd suggest pop pilates, it gives amazing toning results and I always feel great afterwards!

    1. Thanks, I will look if they offer classes anywhere near but it sounds really good :)
      Norina xx