Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Life as a Vegetarian (2) - Rainforest destroyed by soybean cultivation

Hello beautiful people!
A few days ago (actually it was just yesterday) we watched a short documentation in class about the cutting down of the rainforest in Brazil. To be honest I had already seen the film before but it was good to see it again. Before the film started I already thought of how proud I was to be a Vegetarian so that I'm not that guilty in the destruction of the rainforest.

There is more space needed for the farming of soy for animals then for farming soy for Veggie products

A few years ago we had learnt in school how the soybean cultivation needs more and more space and parts of the rainforest have to be cut down. Our teacher's solution was that we shouldn't eat that many soy products. At that time I didn't have the knowledge I do have now and so I believed him. Actually this is not really true though. If people really want to save the rainforest then they should think of something else. What happens to the soy after it's harvested?

Most of the soy won't be used for Veggie products. Most of it will be used to feed animals.

Yes, you heard me right. Soy is a cheap way to feed pigs or chicken and the farmers have to keep their prices low, so that they don't really have a choice. Maybe you think that they do have a choice. But the truth is that most people don't want to buy the expensive meat. They can't have good quality meat for low prices. And by good quality I mean meat from animals that had a life as free as possible without being hold in galore. If nobody is ready to pay more for good meat than industrial livestock farming will always win. And if that's the case then there is no way to save our world.

Gladly that's not exactly the way it is. I know many people who are vegetarians or try to only eat meat once a week. Also I know many people who want to know where there meat is coming from so that they only buy meat from a local butcher.
Nevertheless there are many people who still eat meat almost every day without caring about our future. I don't say that everyone should become a vegetarian, this is totally up to everyone themselves. What I want is for you to think about the information you just received. Think about yout lifestyle and think about if this is what you want. Maybe you can eat less meat and it'll make you feel better. Years ago eating meat was something special since the prices were so high, but now that they're that low everyone can afford it. But this is going into a different direction and maybe I'll write another post on that specific topic.

To come to an end I want to say that I'm proud for being a vegetarian for almost a year now. When I saw that film I knew how guilty I would've felt if I ate meat.  

The rainforest are getting destroyed and we have to do something against that.

 Please leave a comment telling me your opinion. And I'd love if you could comment some topics I should discuss in my next posts. (They don't have to be about being vegetarian but it would be nice)

I will talk to you soon,

Norina xx


  1. I'm glad so many more people are discussing this topic. Its diffusion even convinced me, a once avid meat eater, to quit meat a few months ago (in April). I can honestly say that I haven't regretted it one second. Do I agree with everything you've said? Not quite; to uphold the current meat demand without or with little soy, so with grass fed animals for example, farms would just take up more space. I agree that being vegetarian or vegan is a personal choice, and nobody should feel forced to change their lifestyle so drastically. I am, however, overjoyed with how much debate is going on surrounding this subject, as I think it could help people understand the current situation and the environmental disasters happening because of meat overproduction. As you said, centuries ago, peasants ate meat for special occasions. Now, it's a two or three times a day thing.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I also think that it is amazing that more and more people think about becoming a vegetarian or going vegan. This makes others think about what they're doing and maybe we can more and more go back to the way it was.
      Norina xx