Sunday, September 13, 2015

Do more of what makes you happy (8)

Hello beautiful people!
It's time again for a new post in my 'Do more of what makes you happy' series. For this month I've asked one of my friends again, but she's not just a friend, she's an amazing singer and you should all go and check out her Youtube Channel right here. After you're done you should come back to this post to find out about the ten things that make her happy. Have fun with it and I will talk to you again at the end.

Writing songs and singing around
I love writing my own songs. For me it's the best way to express my inner feelings. It helps you to overcome bad experiences but gives you a great feeling as well, especially when you share your music with people and see how they enjoy it.
For me it's the best part as a musician: Seeing people listening to my music and smiling makes me smile as well.

Travelling: Discovering new places! Meeting new people! Discovering the world!
For me it is so important to make every day special! Of course everyone of us sometimes needs a bit time for himself, but remember that you just have one lif! Try to use every opportuniy! Fulfill your dreams and do the things you dreamt of. And don't give up if you can't fulfill every dream.. You have to believe in it and of course in yourself. Never forget that. Believing in yourself is the key to happiness.
One of my life goals: Visiting every single continent in the world. Maybe it sounds unrealizable but I think nothing in the world is impossible. You will always find a way to make your dreams come true, to make things possible even though they sound completely impossible at first.

Laying on the beach and listening to the sound of the ocean
You can forget about everything, enjoy the moment and concentrate on yourself. I just love the feeling of warm sand, smelling the fresh air and listening to the breaking waves.

Getting postcards
Getting postcards is a really special thing for me. It's so much different from just getting a text message on WhatsApp. I think it shows that your friends take time for you and don't forget you when they are even about 1000 miles far away. I love sharing my experiences and impressions. It always makes me smile when I hold a postcard of my friends in my hand.

When you meet a person you didn't see for a long time
I experienced a long distance relationship. And yes maybe it sounds stupid for one some of you guys out there but for me it was just the most beautiful time, especially because we didn't see each other that much! Of course we missed each otherand it was hard not to see each other whenever you want to. But the moments we met again were the most magical and amazing I've ever had in my life and I'll never forget about that.

"The List"
Yes, I created a list. A list with all the things I want to do in my life. You can read about things like skydiving, water-skiing or just changing my look and hairstyle into something completly different. It always makes me happy to look at this list and checking what I already did and what I still want to do. It just gives you so much more motivation for your life.

Family and friends
This is one of the most important points which makes me happy! My family and friends are always there for me. You can talk to them about everything and they will give you advices, which can be important for your whole life. Having your friends and family around you is a thing everyone of us should relly appreciate.

Making people laugh
I just love making people happy. For me there is no better feeling than seeing others having a big smile on their face. Laughing is a very important thing in life. Life gets about 1000 times better or even more when you laugh.

Going shopping
Yes it is one of those simple things as well which make me happy. I just love buying new things I feel comfortable in. Going shopping is a great opportunity to forget about everything and just enjoy the time with your friends.

Last but not least: Food
For so many people food is just something that makes them happy because it stops the hunger and they feel better after eating. Some people just eat when they're bored. Of course it makes me happy as well when I'm not hungry anymore. But I don't know.. I'm that kind of person who thinks very much about everthing. And I think we should just appreciate what we have and should be very thankful to live in a society without poverty.

This is everything she wrote and I really want to thank her again for that. I hope you all enjoyed reading and that you could relate to her in some points.

If you want to share your list with me or your thoughts about this project, then make sure to send an e-mail to:
I post those lists every month and maybe yours will be the next one.

I will talk to you later,

Norina xx

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