Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm walking on sunshine

Hello beautiful people,
If you could see me now you would see girl outside, the sun shining in her face, her eyes are closed. She is enjoying the sunshine and is happy about the summer finally coming. Yep that is mostly me in the past two days. 
It's finally summer.
The sun is shining and not just me but (I think) everybody is happy about the warm weather. It seems like this time of the year makes all of us happy for a few days or weeks.
(I mean after a little time most people begin complaining about it being too warm)
I'm currently sitting on the balcony of our holiday flat in Freiburg. Since we had a four day weekend my parents and I decided to take a trip to the Black Forest and there is literally so much nature here. If you want me to do a post on Freiburg and what I did here then please give this post a like or a comment.
Anyways I am really happy that I can finally go outside without wearing thick jackets and boots. It's much better to go on a bike trip when it's warm or to go hiking.
Ok, maybe I always get a little overexcited when it begins to get warmer but I just love the summer. And for me I can say that it is one of the great things that makes me happy.

What about you?
Do you also like the summer?
And does it make you happy?

I will talk to you soon,

Norina xx

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