Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Great refreshing drinks for summer

Hello beautiful people,
since the weather in Germany is finally indicating that it is summer, I realized that I changed my drinking habits. Beause of this I thought that I would share my three favourite things to drink during summer with you today. All of these drinks are more on the healthy side I would say. Also they are very simple to make since there aren't that many ingridients you will need. I will only list kind of drinks, so that you can change them which ever way you like. Okay, so now here are my three favourite kind of drinks for the summer.




This year is probably the year I drank the most tea ever. I've already drank tea all winter, but since it got hotter I didn't want to drink warm drinks. That's where I put a little twist on drinking tea.
Most teas also taste good after you let them cool for a while and that's simply what I do. Making tea is extremely easy and I believe that all of you can do this.
You could also buy special icetea. Most of them you just have to take a bag and put it into a glass with cold water.
One great thing thaat you can do to all of these drinks here is that you can take some icecubes, so that your drink will be even more cool and refreshing.


Okay so for all you fruit lovers I have a great drink for the summer. I know smoothies are nothing new, but they are simple and I really like them. When I drink smoothies I often don't buy extra fruits for it. We mostly have some kind of fruits at home so I'm just going to use whatever is already in the fridge. If you want a real summer feeling with you fruits then I would suggest to use fruits like pineapples or some coconutjuice. These flavors will make your smoothie taste really delicious as well as summery. I don't know if summery is a word but I think you know what I mean, don't you?
Even though smoothies can be really good I want to remind you that the contain a lot of calories and are more like a meal than an actual refresher. Of course smoothies are healthy, but if you want to loose weight or your goal is to not gain weight then you could drink smoothies instead of a meal and not between you meals. I know that this really sucks and I also don't want that to be true because I could honestly drink smoothies the whole day.


Truth to be told I don't know if this is what you call it but I found this term on Wikipedia and if this is wrong then you will probably get what I mean by reading my explanation. Oh and also feel free to tell me what you call these drinks in the comments below.
Maybe it's just a german thing but in many restaurants you can order these drinks. It's basically juice mixed with spakling water. Again you can make a variety of drinks on this principle. Just take whatever juice you prefer and pour some spakling water over it. I personally love to do this with apple or passion fruit. with this drink you have both, the fruity flavor but also the sparkle that is coming from the water. All in all I find these spritzers extremely great for the summertime and really refreshing.

I hope that you enjoyed reading and that I maybe gave you some ideas on what to drink on these hot summerdays. Make sure to tell me your opinions in the comments.
Also I would like to do a post on my favourite teas, so tell me if you would like to read something about fair traded and natural tea.

As always I will talk to you soon,

Norina xx

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