Saturday, June 13, 2015

Do more of what makes you happy (5)

Hello beautiful people.
First of all I am very sorry I haven't posted this week until now. I am very busy at the moment and it is hard to find time to write. 
As you probably know by now I post a list of ten things every month that make people happy. For the month of June I asked one of my favorite bloggers if she would like to send me her list. And I'm very happy that she did it. Make sure to check out her blog because she is a great writer ( So without any more unnecessary talk from me here is what she sent me:
Hello! I'm Kathryn and I write a mental health & wellbeing blog called 'Our Wolf Song’.

Health and happiness is very important to me, so I really love what Norina is doing on her blog- Thanks for making me a part of it!

10 Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Music:  I can always count on music to boost my mood. No matter what I'm feeling, there's always a song that gets it. 

2. Writing: My notebooks are the most important things I own. I have everything in them. All my darkest thoughts, greatest ideas and, of course, half written poetry that isn't quite 'there' yet. I feel like I have many stories to tell and writing everything down just makes me so happy. It's not healthy to bottle things up inside!

3. Free books on iBooks: Who doesn't love freebies? Shopping in bookstores can become expensive quite quickly, so I love browser iBooks for great 'free' reads (usually whilst I'm all cosy in bed). I I've also downloaded stuff I wouldn't normally pick up only to find it's an amazing read!

4. Frankie:  Because of him, my life is happy place full of sunflowers, warm hugs and unwavering support.

5. Nature: We live on such a beautiful planet, I try to appreciate it everyday. I've always found happiness in nature, it grounds me and clears my mind. 

6. Fandoms: I am a fangirl. I find great joy in Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.- I'm actually rather obsessed... New seasons are more exciting than Christmas and fandom gossip gets me through each day.

7. Veganism: Of course it makes me happy! After all, it helped me overcome my Eating Disorder. Going Vegan improved my health and my mind. I feel a lot more peaceful, educated and more empowered.

8. Long showers: "Katie! Get out the shower!", is the most used phrase in my household. I can't help it. I sort my life out in the shower. Hot water is soothing and a distraction from daily life. I'm able to think clearly. And, post-shower, my mood is 100% better. 

9. Stationery: I'm a hoarder. I hoard stationery: Cute pens, cool notebooks, motivational pencils, animal shaped erasers- you name it, I collect. It's a healthy obsession that serves me well and makes me happy.

10. Wolves: I'm a sucker for anything wolf related. They're such loyal, intelligent animals and I think humans could take a leaf out of their book in terms of supporting one another. 

I really want to thank Kathryn so much for sending me this list.
I post these lists every month and I would love to get more of you involved in it.
So if you want me to publish ten things that make you happy or that make you smile then send me an E-mail:

I really enjoyed that you liked reading this post and you maybe got inspired to write your own list.

I promise that I will talk to you soon,
Norina xx


  1. That's a fab happy list. Taking the time to recognise the little things that make you happy cheers you up even in itself!

    1. Thanks. That's exactly why I wanted to start this project and it makes me happy that it mkes you hapy :D

  2. What a lovely post. I'm thinking about going vegan at the moment, maybe it will have the same effects for me :-)

    1. I really hope it will have this effect on you. I would also love to hear how it works for you and how you like it :)