Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you,
it took me a little time to get myself to write something on here again. I wrote everyday until New Year's Eve so I had some kind of pressure (but the positive kind) After New Year's Eve I just enjoyed my holidays and I didn't spent much time on my laptop. Seriously I only turned on my laptop once and that was because of some school project I had to get done.

This time was really good for me. I really liked doing stuff that had nothing to do with sitting there whith my laptop while others are having fun. 

I had some alone time that I spent with reading and decorating my room. But I also used the free time to go out with my friends or my family. To be honest I watched movies with my friends so we had to turn on the TV. But I don't think it is a problem to use a TV or a laptop when you are with a friend.

I can be so great to chill but at the same time hang out with your friends. I really love these days where me and my friends are just chilling together because many great moments and funny situations can occur just because you are not alone. Maybe a sentence from a movie becomes your special joke or you start laughing because you or your friend is overreacting in a horror scene.

All I really want to say in this post is that it is totally okay if you want to spend a day alone just reading or watching a movie. But you can also think about your friends. Maybe they are also extremely bored but don't want to do anything to stressfull. But there is always the opportunity to be bored together and do something about it with a friend.

I hope you see what I mean and maybe you call a friend if you have nothing to do. To be honest I watche one movie with three friends in my holidays. (It was the Maze Runner and it was so great) But the point is that we had fun spending the day together even though we didn't do anything.

Please leave a comment which movie you love to watch with your friends.

I will hopefully talk to you very soon,

Norina xx

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  1. My best friend is food. Lol I'm joking. When I'm bored I often start a random conversation in hopes of making my friends laugh. It kinda makes things less boring.