Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last day of Blogster

Hello to you all for a last time this year.

Yeah that's right. Today is the very last day of 2014. In reality we all just get one day older but so many people see a new year as a new start. They have those resolutions for the new year. But why can't we make up these resolutions in the middle of the year. 

Is a new year really a new start?
Are those New Year's resolutions really what they seem to be?

Personally I think it is okay if you believe in the magic of a new year. But I think if we really want to change something we can do that whenever we want. We don't need a new year to make a change. For sure this new year is like a symbol. The year changes and we change.
But if you want to be a vegeterian or you decide to donate some money every month then why not start when you have the idea? 

I think if we say we start with that in the new year we only procrastinate. What is the reason for starting it in the new year? Why don't we start right now. 
Also I don't think we can change or whole character in one night. Your friends are your friends no matter what. If you say you want to be less selfish next year or anything than that doesn't change the past.

Also I think there are many things we can't change at once. Some changes need time. We can't always be like: "Oh I want to change that now." Many of the changes we want to make will take time. When we have a habit we can't just change it like that.

If you believe in the magic of the new year then go on. This is just my opinion but I know how many people want to change with the change of the year.  
I think the most important thing is that we want to change things to the better.

I know I said everything twice in this text but that is something I'm working on. I can't say my next post will have nothing said twice. But maybe it will be less that is said twice. maybe one day I can say I am over this habit.

So here you are. This is the last day of Blogster. Have a very good New Year's Eve and don't drink too much.
Look out for my next post. Just as a reminder I won't post tomorrow because Blogster is now over.

I will talk to you soon,

Norina xx

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