Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Child labour (1)

Hello to today's post.
As you can already see by the title this post will be about child labour.
We started to discuss child labour in India in class about a week ago and I just couldn't get it out of my head.

In the post about the changes I said that I once thought about statring a fashion blog. I also thought about making youtube videos, becoming an actress, a singer and so many different things.
Later I thought that I could achieve all of that.
I could always start uploading videos on youtube or I could sign a contract with a model agency or whatever.

But those children working in the factories and on the streets they have no chance. They can't do anything about their dream.
 It is so sad that some kids can't even dream. Their dream is probably to be free and we dream about driving an expensive car or playing a big role in the next movie.
The dreams people in this world have differ so much and many people don't even realize that.

We only talked about India in class but actually child labour is not only a problem in India. In an article from 2013 UNICEF said that there were about 168 Million children from 5-17 involved in child labour.
Yes maybe there have been more children working in the past but nevertheless this is a huge number.
For example there are currently about 146,270,000 people living in Russia. That is the amount of children that are involved into child labour.

I want to write more blogposts about that in the future so I would really like if you can share your opinion.

What do you want to know about child labour?
Would you like me to do a series about this topic?

Thank you so much for reading. I hope I made you think and that you enjoyed reading.

Norina xx

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