Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sixth day of Blogster

Hello again,

So over night the internet came back (whoop whoop). And I am soo sorry that I wasn't able to post anything yesterday. Seriously what is wrong with the internet that it decides to leave when there is a little bit of snow??
But today is a new day and I can post. So I hope you enjoy today's blogpost.

Ok so tomorrow is the last day of 2014. This year passed by so fast and we all did so much stuff this year. But the new year can also be a new start. So get ready and write down your New Year's resolutions. Haha no I'm just kidding because I always mess up and forget what I wanted to change.

But before the New Year starts we all are going to some more or less awesome parties. I am going to celebrats the evening with some of my friends and probably some of you are going to do the same. So I thought I could give you some ideas for what to do on New Year's Eve.

Let's get started...




I love this game so much. Maybe some of you know this game and some of you don't. What you have to do is deviding the people into two groups. One player of group 1 starts and describes a word without saying the other words on the card. The other ones from his group have to guess the word he/she is describing. Oh, and a member of group 2 watches out that no word from the card is said.

Maybe this sounds a bit confusing. But when you understand how it goes this game is just extremly funy. But you have to make sure that it is okay for your neighbours if you start screaming.

Just Dance

Just Dance is a game you can play on the Wii, Xbox360 or on the PS3. An as the name already sais it is all about dancing. Me and my friends really like to play this game at parties. Even if only four persons can dance at a time we always all dance together. You shouldn't wear something too thick because this game is going to make you all sweaty but it is also pure fun and you should definatly try it.


So for food I would recommend that maybe everybody brings some sancks. This way the host doesn't have to prepare all the food alone.
If you have the chance you could also get pizza or whatever you want delivered. But I am not sure how fast you will get your food and if they are going to deliver food on New Year's Eve.



Me and my mum made little lucky charms. We cut out some four-leaf clovers and other things. Also we put some in little bags as gifts for the guests.

Okay so I hope this poast is okay and you like it. Get creative and prepare your own little New Year's Eve party. Also I would really like to know what you are going to do tomorrow. Are you going to a big party? Are you staying at home? Are you going to cry because the year is over?

I will talk to you tomorrow,

Norina xx

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