Friday, December 26, 2014

Second day of Blogster

Hello again

I didn't expect so many people to check out my blog, so a big thank you to everyone who read yesterdays post.

As you can see by the title of this post, I decided to name the days until New Year's Eve Blogster. For you it may seem a bit strange, but where I live we celebrate Silvester. And I thought that together Silverster and blogging could be named Blogster.. Oh I don't know I'm so bad at this..

Does christmas being over mean we have to stop listening to christmas music? Because right now I'm listening to christmas music. It is "I wish it could be christmas everyday". Maybe it is okay to listen to this song, because I wish that today would be christmas again..
Let me know if there was a song you couldn't stop listening to this christmas? 
Of course I was always listening to "Last Christmas", but have you heard the christmas song Ariana Grande made this year "Santa tell me"? I just really loved this listening to that song this year, but as always it's possible that you don't like it, so just tell me what was your christmas song.

Also I wanted to ask you about your christmas in general. Like how was it? Is it the same every year?

For me this christmas was just like every year to be honest. But this doesn't mean it can't be good. I have a very small family so it is very easy to unite everyone at one place. On Christmas Eve my mum's family comes to visit us and on the 25th of December my dad's family meets at my grandma's house.
Even though it is always pretty much the same it is really great to see everyone. In family we only see each other on birthdays or Christmas, so it is always good to see everyone again.
Yesterday was also great because I got along really well with my cousins, which is not always easy. Both of my cousins are younger than me and we are extremly different. But do you know this when you realize how someone got older, even though it is maybe just three monthas you haven't seen them?

I think kids can get much older and more mature in only a litlle time. My youngest cousin is still in primary school, so she learns so much at the moment, which one can really see. Yesterday for example she read a book to me. Okay, it was one for kids in primary school and had only 50 pages, but I was really proud to be her cousin because she did so well.

All in all my christmas was really good. So leave me some comments how your christmas was. Did you get everything you wished for? And how did you celebrate in general because I know there can be differences from family to family? Also you my have another religion, so what did you do yesterday?

Thank you very much for reading. I hope to get to talk to you in the comments and I'm pretty excited how you celebrated christmas.

Talk to you tommorow,

Norina xx

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