Saturday, April 18, 2015

Don't judge people right away

Hello beautiful people,
today I wanted to write about another thing that is very important to me. After reading my post on bullying or homosexuality you'll probably already know how I think about judging people because of totally irrelevant things. I want to do one (or maybe more) post(s) just about this topic now.

We all know that if we go out we will get judged for what we wear, how we look, how we act and everything that gives people stuff to talk about us. And most of us are not better. We talk about other people as well (and not only in a positive way). I don't want to impute you to say those things but here are some sentences that all of you have probably heard (and sadly more then once). I don't want to offend anyone by those examples but all of these sentences I have heard one day.
Wow look how ugly she is!
Oh my god have you heard the latest rumor about him he is so gross!
Just imganine you would have to sit next to her! Watch out for your things she could steal your pencils and stuff!
 I've heard that another guy with the same religion this girl here has killed many people! Maybe she is also going to be a murderer later!

Okay what is wrong with us human beings that we have to judge everything someone else is doing. For a while now I've tried my best to not reply if some of my friends talk bad about another person. It is extremely hard even though it's a good thing to do.

I want to have a discussion with you down in the comments.
What do you think? why do we always have to talk about other people?
Why do we judge strangers even though we don't know anything about them?

I know this post is very short but I'm thinking about doing kind of a main post and then a small post every week. I hope to start a nice discussion and I'm very interested to hear aboout your thoughts.
Also make sure to tell me how you lie these short posts and discussions?

I will talk to you again next week,

Norina xx


  1. This comments probably a little late but I've got somewhat of a theory. You see, I think we judge people because we've kind of been conditioned too. Since the world started norms and expectations have been set and we've grown up to accept them. So we've built up this image of what good and normal is. The judgmental aspect comes from our inner checklists. Expectations we've set and want people to fulfill based on those norms. As humans we're instantly going to make a judgment about someone even without paying attention to it. But some people go to far and let those judgments influence the way they treat others. I think that's due to the culture of hating on people different to yourself, people who don't fulfill that inner checklist. Sometimes it's easy to forget about yourself and get lost in someone else's issues. That was kind of long and I'm not sure it made sense but i hope you understand my gibberish.

    1. I think I understand what you are saying.This is a very good theory and also it's no problem that your comment is a bit late. I love to hear about your thoughts and it doesn't matter when. As I said I really like your theory so thank you very much for your comment.