Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Do more of what makes you happy (3)

Hello beautiful people,
today I have another of my monthly posts where people talk about ten things that make them happy. For this month I asked one of my favourite bloggers for her list and gladly she said yes, which obviously made me happy. I'll put her link below this post, so make sure to check her out. Now without further ado here's what she wrote:

Hi! My name is MorningTime4, and I blog over at The Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life. Norina has asked me to do a guest post on ten things that make me happy.

1. Writing
The first thing that came into my mind is writing. I used to not be someone who loved to write for fun, but in fifth grade, I began to love this craft because the words I write had the power to convey something strong, pure, and true, and often times I would connect with them on an emotional level. Sometimes I do procrastinate when I write, but I wouldn't dream giving it up.

2. Being outside
The outdoors are one of the things that make me feel alive! Since I didn't go anywhere often as a child, whenever I get to go outside, I run. I will often take off my shoes and just run. As one of my teachers said, "There is far more interesting things in life than screens in our jeans!"

3. Theatre
I wasn't always a brave child. I'd try to hide behind the spotlight. When my parents offered me a opportunity to audition, I said, "Why not?" Theatre has not only given me confidence, but a place to call home to and a place where I can sing and act out loud without being judged by people. Plus, rehearsals at night would sometimes go up until 8:30, and if I'm gone from my abode for that long, I feel the same thrill as I do when I'm outdoors, only much stronger.

4. Traveling
I've been to many places: Orlando, New York City, and Quebec to name a few. It's always so nice to travel.

5. Photography
Photography has helped me see the world from a different perspective. My parents are one of those people that, when it comes to take photos, always want everything to be posed. I know better than life is more than just posed moments. I take photos of everything, from Cinderella's Castle at Disney World to just flies people swat.

6. Photos/videos of old memories
Whenever I feel down, I look at old photos and videos of things that I did that I honestly remember, especially the videos. For some reason, whenever I attempt to film them, they always end up so outrageous awkward.

Displaying Memories.2.png

7. Moments that don't necessarily involve me
Now it may sound weird to hear me say I take joy in other's joys, but that's the way I am. Like if I see a baby smiling at me toothlessly, I can't help but smile and wave back.

8. Friends
My friends are my second family, and they are literally some of the best people I know. I'm one of those people who has an inner circle of friend's I'm really close with, but I also do have friend's outside that circle. My friends and I would be weird around bookstores, pulling off weird pranks... Ah, they help bring some spice into my life,

9. Disney
Disney has been a part of my childhood, and whenever I am down or if there is nothing else to watch at hotels, I would watch their movies.

Displaying Disney.3.png

10. Small Little Things 
Lastly, the small little things in life make me happy. People sometimes do not understand nor comprehend that life is all made up the small little things. Some of those things may not be what we perceive as perfect or pretty, but nether the less, that's what makes life beautiful.

Here's MorningTime4's blog

Again thank you so much to MorningTime4 for sending me your list. I can really agree with you in all those points.
I post this lists every month and I would love to get you all involved in it.
So if you want me to publish ten things that make you happy or that make you smile then send me an E-mail: nonomue6@gmail.com

P.S.: I also want to say sorry for my last post. I was really sick last week but I had the feeling that I had to upload something. The post wasn't the best and I went straight back to sleep after writing it, so I am honestly very sorry. From now on I will try to write again like I did before.

I will talk to you next week,

Norina xx

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